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Two Wheeler Insurance IN DELHI

SPLENDID Two Wheeler Insurance .

A two wheeler insurance policy covers you financially against damages to your bike or scooter and injuries sustained by you due to unforeseen events such as accidents, thefts or natural disasters. Bike insurance policies also cover you against financial liabilities arising out of injuries or damages caused to third-parties in an accident. The costs involved can make a major dent in your finances. Two wheeler insurance policies provide financial protection against such setbacks.

Two Wheeler Insurance. What is the Requirement?.

While two wheelers offer convenience, comfort and freedom, they are also one of the most unsafe modes of transport, accounting for a majority of the accidents and fatalities on the road. Accidents can wreck your asset and injure you or cause injuries to others on the road, potentially leading to huge financial losses. It is, therefore, important to protect yourself and your asset. Two wheeler insurance does just that.
Two wheeler insurance policies generally provide two kinds of covers:
• Cover against damage to the vehicle or the rider due to unforeseen events
• Cover against financial liability arising out of injuries caused to third parties in an accident
SPLENDID comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy provides coverage in both the scenarios.

Two Wheeler Insurance – Key Benifits.

A SPLENDED policy comes with a host of benefits and features that make it an ideal plan for your two wheeler:
• Online purchase and renewal: You can buy two wheeler insurance online in just a few clicks - it's that easy and convenient. The same applies for insurance renewal as well. You can get instant two wheeler insurance quotes without any paperwork.
• Transfer of No Claim Bonus: You can transfer up to 50% of your No Claim Bonus (NCB) from any bike insurance provider. The NCB is a reward from an insurance provider for not making a claim on your policy. When you switch to SPLENDID Insurance, you can migrate the No Claims Bonus from your previous policy to your new one.
• Quick claims settlement: Enjoy speedy, hassle-free and cashless claims settlement through our network of preferred garages across India. Our processes are designed to minimize turnaround time on your claims.
• Hassle-free renewal: Even if your policy has expired, no inspection is needed if you renew it online.

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