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Home Insurance IN DELHI

SPLENDID Home Insurance plan is uniquely designed to protect your paradise in the best possible way. It extensively covers both structure as well as contents with long term coverage of up to 5 years at an affordable premium. With home insurance policy your prized possessions and home structure gets insured and it gets prepared to deal with any uncertainties that may come thereafter. You can instantly purchase a home insurance policy online without any documentation. It minimizes the time and gives you a hassle free buying experience.

Key Highlights

  • Why SPLENDID for Home insurance?
  • • 24*7-Support -SPLENDID offers round the clock support for convenience and a hassle-free experience.
  • • Zero-Documentation-You need not go through lengthy procedures for buying online home insurance policy
  • • Fair-and-transparent claim settlement policies
  • • SPLENDID Home Insurance claims are settled with utmost transparency.


  • • Offers 5 year long term cover (Only flat/home owners can avail)
  • • Provision for increasing the sum insured by 10% at the end of every year.
  • • No documentation and hassle free buying procedure
  • • Flexibility to select between two plans.
  • • Discount up to 25% and additional 15% discount for security features under Burglary section


  • What gets covered under SPLENDID Home Insurance Plan?
  • • Fire & allied perils and Burglary including theft and larceny under one policy
  • • Structure & household Contents
  • • Covers risk against Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Implosion, Flood, Inundation, Storm, Riot, Strike, Earthquake, Terrorism (optional), Burglary, Theft and, Larceny..
  • • Building – on Reinstatement Value basis which is current cost of construction * floor area


  • What does not get covered under SPLENDID Home Insurance Plan?
  • • Loss and/or damage arising out of War, Invasion, Act of Foreign enemy, hostilities, etc
  • • Loss or damage due to nuclear perils
  • • Damage to property due to Pollution and contamination
  • • Loss or damage due to wear and tear, gradual deterioration or slowly developing flaws
  • • Consequential Loss
  • • Wilful Misconduct or Negligence
  • • Loss and/or damage to jewellery, precious stones, money, bullion or documents of any kind unless specifically declared.
  • • Cost of land
  • • Co-operative societies cannot take long term policy for entire society building
  • • Property Under construction cannot be covered under this insurance

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